Make Your Way To BohoX For All-Day Breakfast In Downtown Dubai

Make Your Way To BohoX For All-Day Breakfast In Downtown Dubai

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there’s no reason why you should settle for anything that’s average. Let it be good! And what’s better than a breakfast that isn’t just for early risers? One that’s in a fabulous setting and served all day.

So which place makes the most important meal of the day extra delicious? BohoX of course.

The Instagrammable double storey venue is located on the the boulevard. Think plants, earthy tones and wooden decor, as well as Downtown views. Family-friendly and pet-friendly, the bohemian cafe prides itself on organic, sustainable sourced ingredients.

All day breakfast at BohoX

Classics and innovative creations sit side by side on BohoX’s breakfast menu. The eatery delivers staples like French toast, fried eggs on avo toast and cheesy omelete alongside dishes such as croque monsieur, wheatgrass eggplant benedict and simit bread menemen. View the breakfast menu here.

Bohemian Turkish breakfast

For those bent on going big, the Turkish breakfast is a grand affair. Olives, Turkish cheese, roasted eggplant, baked potato and cheese borek are just some of the things you get when you order one.
This is priced at AED 159 and is available from 9am to 5pm.

The giant combo

And if you’d like to go for a supersize meal, BohoX has you covered. We’re talking a giant serving of coffee (around 4 litres) and croissant enough to feed four to five people. It will set you back about AED 290. Just remember that you need to place your order two days in advance.

The beverages

Its beverage menu is also part of its appeal because the drinks are top-notch. Recommended drinks include the banana coffee, iceberg (a combination of espresso, vanilla ice cream, fresh and condensed milk), the blackout smoothie and nitro hibiscus kombucha.

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