Welcome to the Best Breakfast Destination in Dubai

Rise and shine in the heart of Dubai at BohoX, a unique dining concept in Downtown Dubai inspired by healthy eating and bohemian aesthetics. 

Start Your Day with a Spectacular View

Discover a breakfast experience like no other at BohoX. Our restaurant offers a serene ambiance in the midst of the bustling city. Fuel yourself as you take in the lively atmosphere of Downtown Dubai. Whether you prefer cozy indoor dining or like to feel the refreshing air while dining on our rooftop terrace, we can assure you that you will have a great time!

A Taste of Locally-Sourced Goodness

At BohoX, we take pride in sourcing only the finest organic ingredients, locally harvested to ensure freshness. We are committed to the cause of sustainability and our chefs craft each breakfast dish with care, creating a menu that aligns with our dedication to responsible dining. Indulge in food crafted from thoughtfully chosen and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Breakfast in Dubai Beyond Boundaries

At BohoX, innovation is at the heart of our culinary philosophy. Our chefs are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of breakfast, exploring new ingredients, and employing cutting-edge cooking techniques. Immerse yourself in a world of innovative dishes, inspired by international cuisine. If you like trying new things, our restaurant in Downtown Dubai will not disappoint!

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Breakfast at BohoX is a great way to celebrate relationships and all the finer things in life. Our classy interiors and prime location in Downtown Dubai make us one of the most sought-after destinations in Downtown Dubai. Want to get in on the fun?

Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai

If you are searching for the best restaurants in Dubai that offer the perfect space for a breakfast feast, Bohox is the place you should head to! Our breakfast menu features the best of International and Mediterranean cuisine, crafted with fresh ingredients. Sip on a rejuvenating cup of coffee as you savor nutrient packed dishes.

Best Breakfast in Dubai

Celebrate the gift of a brand new day with a breakfast at Bohox; we guarantee that it will be the best breakfast you have ever had. Our breakfast restaurant in Downtown Dubaioffers classic breakfast favorites and sweet and savory options that satisfy every palate. Enjoy a well-balanced healthy breakfast in Dubai at Bohox.

What You Can Expect from Breakfast at BohoX

Great Ingredients and Exciting Cuisine

BohoX invites you to a breakfast meal that captures the essence of international cuisine. From classic breakfast favorites to unique fusion cuisine, we have curated a breakfast experience that you will never forget! Our skilled chefs craft inspired dishes that awaken the senses with a wonderful blend of aromas, textures, flavors and colors!

A Serene Ambiance that Inspires

Dining is not just about the food. Ambiance plays a crucial role in the overall experience. At BohoX, we have successfully connected our values to our aesthetics. True to our philosophy of sustainability, we have gathered inspiration from nature and Bohemian themes. Our goal is to deliver a serene ambiance to all our guests.

Friendly Service & Exceptional Hospitality

Whether you stop by for a quick bite of breakfast or host celebrations and gatherings with us, we ensure that each one of our guests get to experience our exceptional hospitality first-hand. We believe in assisting our guests with a friendly demeanor, allowing them to feel calm and relaxed as they dine with us. You can fully rely on us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Bohox, we welcome your questions and are always happy to clarify and respond to inquiries. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

BohoX stands out as a unique dining concept inspired by healthy eating and bohemian aesthetics. Our commitment to sustainability, locally sourced organic ingredients, and innovative breakfast offerings make us the best breakfast destination in the heart of Dubai.

Yes, we do have rooftop seating! You can enjoy city views while dining on our rooftop terrace!

At BohoX, we take pride in sourcing only the finest organic ingredients, locally harvested to ensure freshness. Indulge in a taste of locally-sourced goodness and support our dedication to sustainability.

Our restaurant is inspired by nature and Bohemian themes. We strive to deliver a serene ambiance that enhances your overall dining experience. 

Yes, we cater to a range of dietary needs and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Please seek the assistance of your waiter or waitress to customize your meal as per your dietary requirements.

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