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Liven up Your Nights with Dinner at BohoX Restaurant

Satisfy your cravings and feed your appetite for healthy organic meals at one of the most popular restaurants in Downtown Dubai   

The Best Restaurant for Dinner in Dubai

Great food always attracts people and at BohoX Restaurant, we ensure that our food always takes center stage! Our restaurant is known for its beautiful Bohemian Chic decor and excellent service but the cuisine we serve is even more legendary! It is therefore no wonder that we have a reputation for being the best restaurant in Downtown Dubai

Healthy Meals with a Touch of Gourmet

From the beginning, our goal at BohoX Restaurant has always been to offer something out of the ordinary that provides a revelation, not just in terms of flavor, texture and aroma, but also in terms of nutrition. Every dish at BohoX is meticulously prepared with balanced flavors with each component carefully selected for freshness and its contribution to enhancing the overall nutrient profile and appeal of the recipe. 

Enjoy City Views While You Dine

BohoX Restaurant is located in a prime location on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, offering spectacular views of the city as it comes to life at night! Few things are as magical as dining with unobstructed views of some of the most popular landmarks in Dubai, including the iconic Dubai Red Trolley! Not to mention, The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa are also just a stone’s throw away! 

What You Can Expect from Dinner at BohoX Restaurant

Healthy and Nutritious Dishes

Ever wondered how we manage to serve delicious food to you every single time? Our skilled chefs carefully pick out high quality ingredients, sourced from our reliable local suppliers and use complex cooking techniques to transform them into dishes that burst with flavor and aroma! Every single item on our menu is created in this manner, offering you optimal taste and nutrition in every single bite. 

Bohemian Vibes and Decor

The ambiance and decor of a restaurant can make a huge impression on those that dine. At BohoX Restaurant, be prepared to encounter a setting that is lush with greenery and curated with stunning Bohemian-inspired decor! You will feel like you’ve just entered a tropical paradise thanks to our relaxing ambiance and attention to detail!  

Friendly Service

Friendly service goes hand in hand with great food and a great restaurant ambiance. Our staff are highly professional and always ready to offer their assistance at all times during your dinner. We understand that the quality of service makes a huge difference in the overall experience and as a result, we strive to ensure that each one of our guests receives personalized service throughout their time at BohoX Restaurant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our winning combination of exquisite Bohemian decor, exceptional service, and great cuisine make us one of the best restaurants in Dubai! Dinner at BohoX will surely leave a lasting impression on our guests! 

At BohoX, we specialize in serving healthy organic meals inspired by International-Mediterranean cuisine. All our dishes are carefully prepared to provide a balance of flavors and nutrition.

Yes, we take great pride in sourcing high-quality organic ingredients from our reliable local suppliers. Each and every dish is made with hand-picked ingredients that meet our standards for quality and freshness.


Yes, we offer options to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or have other dietary requirements, our menu has something for everyone.

You can make a reservation to secure your table through our website or by contacting us directly by phone at +971 52 103 2646 or emailing us at

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