Lunch in Downtown Dubai

Add a Touch of Bohemian Serenity to Your Business Meetings at BohoX Restaurant

The Perfect Restaurant for Business & Leisure!

Fancy having your business meeting in a serene, Bohemian-inspired setting? BohoX offers positive vibes, a calming ambiance and high quality food, perfect for entertaining your colleagues or business associates. At BohoX, we serve the best lunch in Dubai with impeccable service and a side of positivity! Liven up your conversations and seal those high-stakes business deals at one of the best lunch spots in Dubai! 

Organic Ingredients, Tantalising Taste

Food never disappoints at BohoX and you can expect the same from our business lunch in Dubai! From the farm to your plate, we can guarantee you that the ingredients that make up your food have been handled by skilled professionals who know how to bring out the best in them! Come and savor the best lunch in Dubai, crafted from organic, locally-sourced ingredients and made with love! 

An Oasis of Calm in Downtown Dubai

Business meetings can sometimes be intense or even run late. When this happens, you need to be in an atmosphere that grounds you and calms your senses so that you can make the most rational and perceptive decisions. Our calm and chic ambiance is ideal for those moments and is the perfect environment to build rapport and relationships.

Make a Reservation

Ready to meet and feast? Enjoy the best business lunch Dubai and take your business meetings to the next level at BohoX! Reserve your seats at the best destination for business meetings in Dubai! 

What You Can Expect from Business Lunch at BohoX

Organic, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

At BohoX, we make it a priority to choose the finest produce and ingredients for our kitchen. Every single menu item at BohoX is infused with healthy ingredients and cooked to perfection. You can expect maximum flavor and nourishment with every bite! We believe that it is this commitment that makes us one of the best lunch restaurants in Dubai!

Bohemian Aesthetics

One of factors that sets us apart from other lunch restaurants in Dubai is our unique Bohemian theme. Our interior design and decor is inspired by nature and Bohemian design aesthetics. From the plush furniture to the greenery, every aspect of our design is curated to elevate your sense of calm and facilitate maximum enjoyment. 


Emirati culture is the very picture of hospitality. It is this level of hospitality that we aim to achieve at BohoX. To us, a customer-centered approach is the only one that makes sense. We seek to exceed expectations with all that we do and we do this by placing our customers at the heart of everything at BohoX. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at BohoX we offer a Business Lunch experience that will pleasantly surprise all of your business partners and colleagues! What we offer is this – a calm ambiance, comfortable seating, great views, delicious food and top-notch service! 

Yes, we do have rooftop seating! You can enjoy city views while dining on our rooftop terrace! 

At BohoX, we take pride in sourcing only the finest organic ingredients, locally harvested to ensure freshness. Indulge in a taste of locally-sourced goodness and support our dedication to sustainability.

Our restaurant is inspired by nature and Bohemian themes. We strive to deliver a serene ambiance that enhances your overall dining experience. 

Yes, we cater to a range of dietary needs and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Please seek the assistance of your waiter or waitress to customize your meal as per your dietary requirements.