BohoX Opening Hours : 9 AM - 1 AM

All Day Breakfast Timing : 9 AM - 5 PM

Welcome to our Chic Boho restaurant!


Attention food lovers! There’s a new urban restaurant in the heart of Dubai with a unique menu for those who like living life on the edge every day. Enjoy the fine dining spot in Downtown Dubai with our exquisite menu of delectable dishes including breakfast, sandwiches and pastries, salad and small plates, a main course, dessert, and sides! If you’re looking for a restaurant to take your loved ones to, BohoX is the place for you! Indulge your taste buds in delicious dishes as you enjoy the lunch Downtown Dubai as we also provide all day breakfast Downtown Dubai.

Enjoy a memorable day at BohoX as our staff strives to make your experience an enjoyable one at the best bohox restaurant Downtown Dubai! We cater to all your needs and can help make any event special for you! Contact us to book a table at our chic restaurant in Downtown Dubai today. Come and get a taste of our cheesy and creamy dishes, as our ingredients are responsibly sourced, fresh, healthy, and trendy for creating the best food for our customers. Experience fine dining near the tallest building in the world and the most happening location in the city. We’re sure you’ll love the views and our food! Our location is perfect for any special event and is the perfect place to chill with your friends.

Come get breakfast all day at the best restaurant downtown; we also have exciting options for lunch downtown. Our restaurant strives to give the best to our customers!

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